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Loco Plays Kwik Snax

This video was 1st recorded on the 18th of January 2010 on Dailymotion.

A while ago I was getting a bit fed up with YouTube and decided to upload some where else and Dailymotion seem like the place to do it as it had a longer upload limit.

The game I choose to do a video review on was the classic game on the Spectrum Kwik Snax, now I also decided to do my own take on the whole lets play format by adding my own twist to it, I simply added Loco instead of lets lol.

This video is a complete walkthrough/playthrough minus the intro and cut scenes, which I had to edit for time limit as Dailymotion is 20mins long.

This is one of my favorite Dizzy games, Dizzy on the Spectrum was a mix between Pac Man,Boulder Dash and Pengo, the gameplay is nice and easy as you navigate your way around mazes and collect items and avoid the baddies and you can also push the maze blocks and use them too.

All in all this is one Codemasters finest Spectrum games, that should be played by everyone, enjoy the video.

Loco Plays – Kwik Snax – Spectrum by thereallocomaniac

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