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Happy Birthday To The ZX Spectrum

Friday, April 23th 1982 – At a press conference at the Churchill Hotel, Clive Sinclair revealed to the world his new personal computer, the ZX Spectrum. The British gaming scene then changed forever! Well, at least it did for a while anyway.

Seriously though folks, here at the Retro Asylum we would like to raise a glass to the UK’s best ever 8bit home micro. The ZX Spectrum was a wonderful host to so many of our favourite games back in the day. Happy Birthday and here is to another 30 years!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To The ZX Spectrum

  1. Adam says:

    Happy b’day Speccy! O(^_^)O

  2. Yes many happy returns Speccy. We haven’t seen eye to eye for a long time but perhaps we old relics can try and remember the good old days in the near future.

  3. Andy says:

    With out the Speccy we would have had no
    Manic miner
    No dizzy(well technically the Amstrad version came 1st but the Speccy version is better)
    No ultimate which means no rare which means no DK country or goldeneye
    No crash magazine
    And no retro asylum:O

    The Speccy truly is a great/amazing piece of history long live the Speccy and dizzys boxing gloves

  4. den.aris says:

    Commodore was better 😛

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