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Gun Lord on the Dreamcast

‘Jump. Shoot. Explore.’ Gunlord’s German developer has taken the old maxim that any video game can be boiled down to its verbs of play and subtitled this, its latest release for a defunct platform, with three that define the experience. Most of the experience, at least. You could easily add ‘rifle’ (through the attic) and ‘curse’ (the lost SCART cable) to that list, as many players will spend the first half hour trying to piece together the necessary technological artefacts to get the game up and running on Sega’s 14-year-old Dreamcast hardware. It’s been years since Sega turned off its Dreamcast servers (for one thing, nobody owns a 56k modem to access them any more) so Gunlord’s approach to online multiplayer is unavoidably basic. But the game’s old school approach runs deeper than those areas where it’s born from necessity. This is a game that reaches back into the formative days of the video game medium not for inspiration that can then be subverted, as in mainstream indie hits like Braid and Fez, but for its very essence and vernacular.

check out this video of the game.


3 thoughts on “Gun Lord on the Dreamcast

  1. Now that’s a Turrican remake if ever I saw one.

  2. Andy says:

    ive got get this asap…. its amazing that so many amazing games are still being made for the dreamcast.

    ive got a few other recently released games for the dreamcast and they play amazing, one of the best consoles ever, shame it got canned before its time

  3. deadlygroove says:

    I just received my copy of the game. I ordered it last week and it has arrived. This game is the bomb and if anyone didn’t get it yet, they should. Highly recommend it!!!

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