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Green Beret

Todays 8bit war will be on Green Beret aka Rush n Attack, a game that was made by Konami.

The story in this game is you play the one man killing machine US soldier who mission it is to save your army buddies and kill anything else that moves. To begin with, all you are armed with is just a knife (that just goes to show how bad ass the character you play as.)

The game is a left to right platformer shooter/stab em up which is very difficult indeed. You can find a few other weapons luckily through the level that will help you kill and not be killed.

The 8-bit versions were release by Imagine Software and the versions turned out to be pretty decent, now all the version look very different but play pretty much the same. Now the thing they all have in common with its arcade counter part is the level of difficulty; it really is hard to get any where Green Beret.

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