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Good bye 1HMPS Retro!

For over a year 1HMPS Retro was the place to go for your retro gaming needs,but as of 10/11/11 the site is no more.

The site and podcast evolved from previous projects that I had done before like “The Real Retromaniacs” then “1 Hour Monthly Podcast Show”

Originally 1HMPS was going to cover everything from modern gaming to retro gaming, from the latest DVD’s to latest movie release’s but after 13 episodes I began to get the Retro itch back again and decided to re brand the site and call it 1HMPS Retro.

I contacted a few friends from the community and YouTube and re-started the site and podcast, soon the team grew from Glenn and I to include Swainy,Malc and Tony.

Feeling there was a lack of Retro Gaming podcast and Retro Gaming sites, I aimed to created a the best small community out there and that’s when the podcast went from Monthly to weekly, so from episodes 5-17 we churned out the best weekly retro gaming podcast out there,and for months we were the best uk retro gaming podcast out there on itunes.

1HMPS Retro managed to have some great guests “The Oliver Twins” and also “Steve Bennway” which are 2 of my favorite podcasts.

Eventually the strains of Weekly podcast and combination of me spending way to much time on the site+ lack of family time,I decided to call it quits and leave podcast and site.

The site did carry on with out me,but I missed my retro fix, so after discussing things with my wife I decided I was going to come back and create a whole new animal, a site that was better and easy to manage than 1HMPS Retro.

The original plan was to have 2 sites that were similar but different, kind of like Crash & Zapp, Malc and Tony were going to run 1HMPS Retro and I was going to work on Retro Asylum with Glenn and Swainy, but sadly the idea of having two sites did not happen as I couldn’t afford to renew the yearly hosting fees due the fact I bought a house.

The other member of the team were asked if they wanted to take over but due to financial circumstances they were unable to buy it.

For over a year 1HMPS Retro was the best UK Podcast out there and now the site is no more but the podcast can still be found on podomatic and on itunes.

We had some great Episodes and also some truly awful ones too, but all in all it was a blast making the podcast and the site, but worry not as 1HMPS has basically been re branded and turned into Retro Asylum,all the old content has been copied over.

With the help of the community we can have the best independent retro gaming website and the best UK retro gaming podcast!

Here are my top5 1HMPS Retro Podcast (why not tell us what your fave episodes were and why)

5)Episode 19 – Game Over.

“I loved this episode as it was really raw, not edited and it was full of genuine emotion”

4)Episode 14 – Beware the Spectrum mafia.

“I really enjoyed this episode as I thought Malc and Glenn who had never recorded a episode together worked so well”
3) Episode 8 – Spike & Hammer the Revenge.

“As always I found when recording with Dean, that the podcast flowed really well and it had a genuine 2 friend in the pub feel to it, and its this podcast that the new Retro Asylum Podcast are loosely based on”
2) Episode 12  – The Oliver Twins.

“This was the 1st time we managed to get guest on the show and what amazing guest we managed to get in the Oliver Twins, I found the Oliver’s to be true professionals and genuinely nice guys and the podcast flowed really well and had loads of information on their history/legacy”
1) Episode 17 – Steve Benway

“This podcast is the number 1 podcast as I though Malc did a superb job interviewing Steve Benway as they nattered on like they had known each for years,this is probably one of the best podcast interviews full stop!


R.I.P 1HMPS Retro……long live Retro Asylum!

5 thoughts on “Good bye 1HMPS Retro!

  1. TEOL says:

    Lived 2 days past it’s sell by date. Not bad at all considering the prediction of it going down was for 2 days ago.

  2. AspergerGamer64 says:

    the Oliver Twins interview was a awesome one

  3. pottyboy says:

    I really loved the Steve Benway one as it was the first time I ever heard of the bloke. After listening to it, I immediatley began watching many of his vids and have loved every single one. Very funny and down to earth is how i describe him. I enjoy watching his friday talkies too.

    On the other hand, It’s the oliver twins podcast that is my fave, mainly because of the ‘Design A Dizzy Game’ competition which I won. I don’t want to blow my ow trumpet, but all I can say is that I’m very proud to be the winner of 1HMPS Retro’s only competition. It’s like being involved in one of Knightmare’s few winning teams 🙂

  4. malc1976 says:

    It would be hard to pick what was the best they were all good.
    I had a great time on all the shows i was on.

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