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GoldenEye X update released


GoldenEye X brings the gameplay from GoldenEye to the Perfect Dark engine!

Check out the new updated version 0.5c just released.

This mod (hack) of the N64 game Perfect Dark, adds the GoldenEye weapons, levels and gameplay to the¬†Perfect Dark engine¬†with all of the advantages that Perfect Dark’s engine has over GoldenEye’s engine, such as computer controlled enemies in multiplayer, weather effects and better A.I. for the enemies. At the moment only the multiplayer side of the mod is playable, but the mods authors say that they’re almost finished with the multiplayer side of the game, and are ready to work on the single player campaign.

Two new multiplayer maps have also been added (Aztec, and Facility Backzone) bringing the total to eighteen (including the eleven that are in GoldenEye, plus a few of GoldenEye’s single player maps can now be played in multiplayer).


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