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Glenn’s VIdeo of Retromania 2013 Event


“Retro Asylum Remembers”¬†Glenn’s VIdeo of¬†Retromania 2013 Event its been long time since i record it but its finally up now enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Glenn’s VIdeo of Retromania 2013 Event

  1. Andy says:

    Loved this Mate:-)

    It really gave us a good feel of how the day went.

    Can’t wait for Retromania 2

  2. TEOL says:

    Best version it made me feel exactly like I was there since I live near Heathrow not Essex so I can’t go to any in person.

    Shame it wasn’t just under an hour or just over an hour like previous events footage was but it was the best so far posted of it and if there wasn’t enough camera space you can’t help but to only take a cartoon episodes time of footage which is kinda still a fair lot of lengh to be honest.

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