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Glenn83100 My Atari Jaguar CD

Hello everybody I Just Got my Jaguar CD it cost me £230 and its not easy to to get so it down and enjoy my vid.

I forgot to take my address off on my original Video so I have to cut bit off but it has not affected the video much thank dirkdigduggler for spotting that its now been edited out

11 thoughts on “Glenn83100 My Atari Jaguar CD

  1. buzzbop says:

    have you got the atari jaguar console to plug it into?? i really hope it works for you, they are very well known for not reading discs at all. please do a full review if it works and you have the atari jaguar console to plug it into. i really hope to get one of these in the near future. nice vid glenn 🙂

  2. glenn says:

    yes I got jaguar to plug the cd onto the console the good news it I tested it and it work perfect so im be doing some vids on the system soon they are not cheap this cost me £230

    • buzzbop says:

      Glad it works, hard to find a working one. High price but deffo worth the money, let me know when you’ve done a vid on it, I’ve subscribed to your channel too.

  3. GLENN…!

    Don’t put your address up for all of YouTube to see mate 🙂

    Anyway I think the Jaguar is a really nice looking machine although I’m afraid I don’t rate it’s library much. How huge is the console though? With this CD add on it looks as though you could climb in and fly to the moon in it.

  4. glenn says:

    I forgot to take my address off on my original vid thank dirkdigduggler for spotting that its now been edited out

    LOL some people say it look like the loo lol but I like the cd add on it to me it makes the console look better

    its nice to have this in my collection

  5. Andy says:

    Looking forward to the next vid Glenn so I can see the games in action:)

    Whoops you left you address on the video, good think dirk spotted it otherwise god knows what would have arrived through your letter box

  6. buzzbop says:

    Thanks for your address, heading down to yours now to steal all your consoles 😉

  7. TEOL says:

    Can’t wait to watch all the games and to see if they play good or bad.

  8. deadlygroove says:

    Nice one Glenn! You got some nice games with it and for £230 for the CD unit and the games, that’s not a bad catch mate. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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