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GameDock – turn your iOS device into a console

In the ever growing arcade style add ons for iOS devices, the GameDock turns your device into a fully fledged console.


This looks really promising and being a newly found advocate of the iCade experience this is another way to get physical controls on a preliminarily touchscreen device. Complete with 2 usb controllers (which in the press material are NES style), HDMI output, Bluetooth connectivity, iCade compatible game support and more.

Successfully funded through Kickstarter this is one to look out for.

11 thoughts on “GameDock – turn your iOS device into a console

  1. trantor says:

    Ok, this actually looks VERY promising. If they can get the controller to work with a wide swath of games then we could be in business.

  2. foz says:

    I noticed that. Archos gamepad featured a controller mapping function to assign buttons to touch screen pad location I case a game didn’t natively support the device. I’d suggest that’d have to be a basic feature for any iOS/android controller.

  3. den.aris says:

    I would say that’s rather difficult due to the closed nature of the OS. But they’ve stated it’s got some iCade support. It’s about devs getting on board and supporting it like the iCade – which is a cracking device.

    I think we’re seeing the full circle of gaming happening to some degree. We all started in front of TVs with little consoles and computers, everything got more powerful, slightly bigger in size then we marvelled at being mobile with our gaming. Fast forward another decade and we all moan about no physical controls or TV out on our mobile devices so we can play them on TV. Enter the iCade and this GameDock.

    Not sure I’d buy this as my gaming is mainly 1 player and the iCade (have I mentioned that enough yet?! ;)) with iPad suits me down to the ground.

  4. trantor says:

    I agree with den.aris, it’s going to be very tough to make a mapping feature work with a lot of games. Apple needs to create a standardized API for all these devices.

  5. TEOL says:

    IOS is back on top in the portable wars is stepping it up again to the next level now due to the hot competition of the high level popular droid and the new up and comers on thescene like the Windows portable phones.

  6. darren says:

    I wish they would make an android version :/

    That’s the one thing about the iPhone; they get all the toys!

  7. trantor says:

    This piece of tech from CES looks like it may just be what we’re all looking for with it’s button mapping feature:

  8. den.aris says:

    I featured it on here before mate, and have got one in my possession for review.

    Early impressions are a bit disappointing for emulation.

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