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Full Screen Mario


Ever wanted to play Mario in a browser or create your own levels? Well now you can!!

Full Screen Mario is a fully HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Brothers. You can play the original levels, play through some of literally millions of possible random maps, or create your own using the level editor. This whole project is open source and free – if you would like to use the code, check out the Github.

5 thoughts on “Full Screen Mario

  1. mrsid says:

    This is so much fun. The level editor is a great idea.

    Great find Anthony!

  2. uniforix says:

    It was actually in one of the HTML 5 newsletters I subscribe to, though it was something that was perfect for a news post here 🙂

  3. Damien says:

    I’d enjoy it while you can. Unfortunately (as can be expected given their history) the wise bods at Nintendo have declared the game illegal: so it’s unlikely to be around for long.

    They might have done better to praise the game and gain some publicly from it though I guess they feel this would open the floodgates for any future unofficial Mario copies.

    I suspect that ultimately this poise will backfire – the game can be easily changed so the characters appear non-Mario like and the custom levels could be kept. All that will happen is that Nintendo will gain more negative publicity. I can’t see how a remake of such an old game can hurt them financially – and if embraced may actually draw attention towards up and coming Mario releases – but then what the heck do I know….?

  4. uniforix says:

    That doesn’t surprise me. When I saw it I wondered whether Nintendo might have an issue, they are very strict at protecting their copyrights.

    To be honest, I used to be a big Nintendo fan but their Wii U has left me completely disillusioned, its really been a poor show as far as I’m concerned and ours is resigned to watching Netflix and YouTube only.

    If and when I can afford a new console I’m off back to Sony land.

  5. androsynth says:

    I read “play Mario in a Bowser”. Looks really fun though. Btw is there any fanmade version of Metroid somewhere containing some kind of map/level editor or is brain just messing with me as usual?

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