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Free Grand Prix game for PC


Grand Prix is a Pole Position inspired racing game made by indie developer Foppygames.

Made for the PC and available to download as freeware, Grand Prix does not use a complete 3d system but rather a fixed view on a track that is accomplished with 2d game techniques. The ultimate goal of the game is to try and complete 8 laps, winning the gold cup. This is quite a challenge, with the clock ticking down and opponent cars getting in your way. The car is controlled using the arrow keys. The music in this game is by coda. Sound effects were made using SFXR, and the game was programmed in Blitz Max.

Download for PC version here and check out the gameplay vid below, enjoy!!!!

One thought on “Free Grand Prix game for PC

  1. stoysville says:

    Really like the look of this, gonna give it a go!

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