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Flashback reimagined: gameplay footage!

We first told you about this exciting new remake back in April.

Some early gameplay footage has emerged. Check out the video below:

Source: IGN

3 thoughts on “Flashback reimagined: gameplay footage!

  1. scopie says:

    As a huge fan of the original I was a bit worried about this remake but it looks promising. I think all they need to do is add the original as an Easter egg bonus to keep the old farts happy.

  2. mattyr64 says:

    Love the original. It oozes style. This I’m unsure about, I will have to try a demo before I commit to this one. It seems to have lost something in the transition to 3d models, and looks a bit Shadow Complex to me. Definitely agree that the original should be included if at all possible. Though if you have played the original recently, it is as brutal and unforgiving as Another World. I guess it’s one of them remakes that I worry will fail to be successful commercially. If it was just a HD remake of the original it would be too difficult/unforgiving for the contemporary audience, if they compromise (as they have) it attempts to ease in new player, but alienates the true fans of the original. So I ask the question, what is the point in remaking an old game in this way? Surely the target audience would want it to be how they remember… changing it for a new crowd who would have no recognition of the original suggests the license is worthless and that this might as well be a new game, with its own title. Who is this game for? 🙂

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