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Evil Dead for the zx spectrum!

Evil Dead has arrived on the zx spectrum, dead by dawn of a zx spectrum game based on Sam Raimis Evil Dead 2: Dead by dawn.You are Bruce Charcoal, you’ve accidentally awoken an ancient evil and now you must find 12 pages of a magical spellbook in order to banish that evil forever. There are a few beasties you’ll have to defeat on the way, but luckily, you’re armed with a shotgun and you also get access to a chainsaw, which you’ll need for one big beasty in particular, but you’ll have to find it first.


Check out this link to see more about the game and even download it.


One thought on “Evil Dead for the zx spectrum!

  1. trantor says:

    Hmmm… Freescape engine games. Now that’s a retro community I wasn’t sure existed (SEUCK still has a huge following) but this would be interesting to delve into.

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