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Episode 83 – Retro Gaming chit chat


In this episode Andy and Dean talk about Play Expo and how just over two years ago they dreamed about preforming live at Play Expo and how now that dream is coming true.

They also have conversation about different systems and talk about one classic game, a game they liked, a hidden gem and a terrible game.

The lads cover such systems as
Atari 2600
ZX Spetrum
N64 and loads of others

Big thanks to Hannah Jade Britcher for the amazing cover art

Download the episode:
Episode 83 – Retro Gaming chit chat

One thought on “Episode 83 – Retro Gaming chit chat

  1. mrsid says:

    Really enjoyed the laid back nature if this podcast. 2 blokes down the pub talking about games, quality!!

    Great stuff

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