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Episode 73 – Retro Collect Video Game Market


In this episode host Uniforix speaks to Adam from Retro Collect about his computer & console history, the Retro Collect team & website and the forthcoming Video Game Market event taking place at Leeds Town Hall on March 15th 2014.

This episode also see the return of The Movie Asylum, hosted by Paul “Hoolicool” Davies and Shawn Pomeroy Habib aka “jackolantern”


Fixing Atari E.T Website

Retro Collect Website

Video Game Market Event


Crossing the Frontier – The Making of The Last Starfighter

Rogue Synapse – Play The Last Starfighter Arcade Game

The Unreleased Last Starfighter Atari Video Game

Download the episode:
Episode 73 – Retro Collect Video Game Market

2 thoughts on “Episode 73 – Retro Collect Video Game Market

  1. jazzking72 says:

    Excellent, managed to make the cover. What a pleasant surprise!!

  2. TEOL says:

    Holy Nostalga I can’t remember if that was the 1HMPS theme at the start with Retro Asylum speech remixed in between or the very first The Real Retromaniacs podcast theme but that is nostalgic as it hasn’t been our theme in yonks.

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