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Episode 69 – A true underdog STory

ep69coverIn this weeks episode Mogz79 aka Paul Monaghan tells you all about his own gaming history with Atari ST.

Topics covered in todays episode
1st game played on his ST,
Conversions of the 8bit and arcade games on it,
Also how certain games have shaped his gaming memories as well as mentioning a few key ST games.

Also covered in todays ep the Retro Asylum Tour 2014

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Download the episode:
Episode 69 – A true underdog STory

3 thoughts on “Episode 69 – A true underdog STory

  1. TEOL says:

    I still can’t make my mind up if the main game music from Parasol Stars is Pack Up Your Troubles (In Your Old Kitbag)or the intro bit of It’s A Small Small World (It’s A Small World Afterall) or a weird combination of both songs.

    The Boss music is definitely a real track as well.

  2. TEOL says:

    It was a true underdog indeed. It had no chance against the PC and AMIGA 16-Bit versions “they did have 32-Bit versions too but it’s not fair to compare them models to an ST which was only 16-Bit as I think even the STE modal may have been 16-Bit also so just not a fair comparison Vs A1200 and Windows 95 32-Bits.” but it held it’s own to them 16-Bit A500+ and DOS 16-Bit PC’s at the same time. The poor scrolling let it down a bit for sure though so it was the AMSTRAD of the 16-Bit era and could if worked around right produce good versions of games but couldn’t beat the other 16-Bit hardwares in general though.

  3. mrsid says:

    I too owned the ST and it also has a special place in my gaming history. Really great to hear it getting some well deserved airtime on the podcast. It really was an underdog but is a great machine.

    Really enjoyed this Paul and you genuinely had me laughing out loud whist walking to work. Fantastic stuff mate

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