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Episode 65 – Amiga Music Special

photo-5Matt talks about why the Amiga floated his musical boat in-between playing Amiga music that isn’t from the usual games & demos. Set aside your stereotypes and prepare to have your mind opened a little but hopefully still entertained.

Not to mention there will be a smidge of Christmas chat, as it is the festive season and he might just sound a little jolly.

Download the episode:
Episode 65 – Amiga Music Special

6 thoughts on “Episode 65 – Amiga Music Special

  1. uniforix says:

    Good episode matt, I didn’t know of Spaceman but when you said he was called Nuke as well I immediately remembered the System Violation Anarchy demo as his name was prominent on there and I loved the music from that demo.

    • den.aris says:

      Thanks mate. Yes, can’t quite remember when Martin changed his name. I seem to remember it was around the time Lemon formed (demoscene). Such a great musician, very envious of his talents and in some way I think his AtJazz stuff doesn’t do his talents the justice he could do.

  2. mrsid says:

    Loved this episode mate. Im a huge fan of the whole early 90’s rave scene and you can really hear the influence is the Amiga music. Quite a few tunes I hadn’t heard before which was nice. Great job mate.

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