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Episode 61 – The Sega Vs Nintendo Story

photo-5In this Episode your Host is Ally Hogg aka the Retro Hunter

Ally tells you what amazing pick up he has found in his local bootfair and via ebay.

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Main Topic:
Ally tells us the story of which caused many school fights back in the early 90’s play ground Sega Vs Nintendo.

Also we feature some fantastic 16bit tunes

Download the episode:
Episode 61 – The Sega Vs Nintendo Story

4 thoughts on “Episode 61 – The Sega Vs Nintendo Story

  1. Andy says:

    Nice show mate.

    Glad you are liking castlevania 4 , the game is amazing and it’s complimented fantastically by the amazing sound track

  2. TEOL says:

    You sound like a proper DJ introducing the game music section it would seriously be really cool if there was an whole weekly radio like podcast show thats all about the music hosted by you.

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