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Episode 58 – Foggy & Simon have a ramble

photo-5Well not quite that sort of ramble ! – The lads usual badly planned retro gaming chit chat that could lead anywhere ( and does!)
They catch up on some of the listners 8 bit heroes & villians , discuss some lesser known mame games and talk about how some games have aged better than others.

Make sure you dont miss out – nominate your 8bit – heroes , villians , supporting characters , vehicles and end of level bosses. REMEMBER – once you have chosen nobody else can have those characters so get your choices in quick! Send to –

Don’t forget if you want to wins this months prize which is a ZX Spectrum, hea don over to our Facebook page and like, share and comment on our topic about how to win the Speccy.

Download the episode:
Episode 58 – Foggy & Simon have a ramble

5 thoughts on “Episode 58 – Foggy & Simon have a ramble

  1. Andy says:

    Just wanted to say great job guys.

    You both always crack me up and you really to convey the feeling of 2 mates down the pub just talking about gaming and having a laugh.

    Look forward to the next one

  2. uniforix says:

    I enjoyed this. The style can only be described as “unique”, “different”, “quirky” and “chip shop cafe”… possibly some other words that I can’t quite get clear in my mind at the moment.

    Was saying to Andy on twitter that it had an air of WHSmith cassette recorder about it and as Andy says “two blokes in a pub”

    In all seriousness though, I really enjoyed it and you two crack me up when you are squabbling amongst each other too LOL Good one guys.

  3. den.aris says:

    Working my way through.

  4. scopie says:

    A vey entertaining podcast, well done guys. The Maria Whitaker princess character from barbarian was actually in the palace background and also appeared in the ending. She was also a playable character in the sequel.

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