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Episode 50 – The Big 50


ep50coverIn the 50th episode of the UK’s #1 Retro Gaming Podcast, your 2 hosts are Andy Godoy and the “Retro Hunter” Ally Hogg.

The Lads celebrate this 50th landmark episode by talking about “Retromania”

they cover such topics as the night before Retromania and the actual day it self.

Find out how long it took to set up their first event
What Computers and Consoles they had on display
Who turned up
And the tournaments, who competed and did anyone beat Andy’s 3 year undefeated streak on SF2.

Andy also announces that he will be taking a month of from the site and podcast.

All this plus loads more retro gaming chit chat.

So sit back and listen to the 50th episode of the best retro gaming podcast in the universe.

Download the episode:
Episode 50 – The Big 50

6 thoughts on “Episode 50 – The Big 50

  1. uniforix says:

    Really enjoyed listening guys 🙂

  2. ian8bit says:

    Fantastic stuff guys. Nice to hear a recap of the day. Thanks again for putting the event on. I like how I got compared to Clubber Lang and Mr. T! Andy mate, keep practising at Street Fighter and I’ll be waiting for you at RetroMania II. Can’t wait!

  3. Adam says:

    Great podcast guys, congrats on your 50th podcast. 🙂

    Retro Mania sounded like a lot of fun, shame I don’t have any transport to get to these places 🙁

  4. pipesfranco says:

    Got my gym audio for the next couple of days right here 🙂 you guys rock

  5. starshipuk says:

    Enjoyed listening to your thoughts on the event.
    The other modified part of the X-Arcade stick were the Joysticks.
    I hope some of you can make it to RetroMission in a few weeks time.

  6. starshipuk says:

    21st and 22nd March 2014 is a Friday and Saturday. I guess you meant 22nd and 23rd March 2014 instead?

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