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Episode 48 1/2 – Hadouken – Memories of SF2

RetroAsylum_48.5In the last of the 7 days of the week of the Retro Asylum, Andy is joined by the Retro Hunter Ally and they discuss their memories of the Capcom classic Street Fighter 2.

We hope you have enjoyed the last days and we will do the same again next year around the same time.

On behalf of the Retro Asylum Team, I just wanted to thank you all for listening to our show and for supporting us with itunes reviews and donations for the podcast.

We promise that every week we will try our best to bring you all the best weekly retro gaming podcast

Big shout to all the Retro Asylum Team who worked very hard this week to bring you all the 7 days of Retro Asylum.

Download the episode:
Episode 48 1/2 – Hadouken – Memories of SF2

One thought on “Episode 48 1/2 – Hadouken – Memories of SF2

  1. TEOL says:

    Fave mini episode so far. What is your favorate fighting genre? Fighting Games, Beat Em Ups, Wrestling Sims, MMA Sims or Boxing Sims?

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