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Episode 47 1/2 – My 8bit Life (Matthew Cannon)


In this episode MrSid launches a brand new feature called ‘my 8bit life’. This trip down memory lane will be a mixture of music and information about the life and career of a particular game music composer. This episode of my 8bit life will focus on the underrated and very talented Matthew Cannon.

It will follow his career at Ocean after leaving school to finally composing for the Super Nintendo. Matthew has composed lots of game music on the 8bit and 16bit platforms.

Some of his best tracks include the music for Batman The Movie, Nightbreed, Navy Seals and The Untouchables.

Download the episode:
Episode 47 1/2 – My 8bit Life (Matthew Cannon)Episode 47 – Behind the scenes

13 thoughts on “Episode 47 1/2 – My 8bit Life (Matthew Cannon)

  1. uniforix says:

    Nice episode Sam. Lots of research done I bet and nice selection of tunes.

    • mrsid says:

      Cheers Anthony, appreciate that.

      It was genuinely fun researching and really interesting finding out things about Matthew. I have tweeted him the episode so hopefully he will give it a listen!! ;-/

  2. Dean Swain says:

    A great episode Sam. The Batman tune ranks amongst the all time greats. It’s a pity that he isn’t still making tunes.

  3. TEOL says:

    LOL at Super Hunchback using (whatever it was) on the Ritz as it’s theme tune.

    I instantly knew that one as it’s a proper song I don’t remember the start of the title.

  4. Andy says:

    Loved this Ep mate as I love the music from batman the movie, it’s one of the best sound tracks ever on the speccy

  5. den.aris says:

    Great episode mate. Never really knew much of Matthew Cannon but this has really turned me into a fan. Different style to the usual names yet still influenced. You can hear Dunn’s Operation Wolf tune in the Nightbreed tune you played at times.

    He’s clearly not as melodic as the Galways, Tel’s, Hubbards of this world but Seemingly adds a huge dose of 80s darker synth sound (Depeche Mode etc) in for good measure and to great effect.

    Have to say I wasn’t keen on his Ocean Loader though. That was a slightly poor cousin of Galway’s or

    Great editing on the show Sam. That Stakka snippet fit and ended so nicely. Very pro editing sir.

    • mrsid says:

      Thanks Matt! Appreciate the kind feedback. Always quite a nerve-wracking thing, recording a podcast for the first time but im pleased with how it turned out. Yeah agree with his Ocean loader, for sure its not as catchy. It would had to have been something pretty special to better the previous ones!

      • den.aris says:

        Just finished listening. That SNES tune?! 3 talents like that given a brief to sound like a really shit rock band…what a waste.

        Love the Galway Ocean loader remix. More of a rework or update but that’s probably the best remix of it I’d heard.

        Podcasts like that I could listen to all day. We need more music ones 🙂

        • mrsid says:

          Haha. I do like the break though after a minute or so. Proper early 90s rock sound.

          Well hopefully ill do more of the ‘8Bit Life’ episodes. I also love the music episodes.

          Already lined up an interview for the next one with a LEGEND of of a composer

    • mrsid says:

      Im afraid I cannot take the credit for the spippet of Anthony, I merely ‘expertly’ placed his MP3!!

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