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Episode 46 – Who is your 8bit hero?

ep46coverIn the 2nd day of 7 days of the Retro Asylum podcast in 1 week,Foggy and guest (simonlcfc) in a free-flowing discussion about all things gaming – including a very special announcement where YOU the listener can get involved in the ‘ownership’ of your 8bit hero , villain , boss and vehicle – listen for details on how to claim whats rightfully yours! (before somebody else gets there first!!)

Download the episode:
Episode 46 – Who is your 8bit hero?

7 thoughts on “Episode 46 – Who is your 8bit hero?

  1. porl says:

    The Name the Game was absolutely amazing! The best Name the Game I’ve heard so far. I was actually getting some funny looks from the people in the office as I laughed along to the ‘discussions’ 😛 Good work lads!

  2. Dean Swain says:

    I really enjoyed this guys, very funny indeed!

  3. Andy says:

    Not has the time to listen to all today so I will listen to it on the way to work:-)

    Looking forward to it

  4. scopie says:

    Very entertaining, enjoyed the amusing banta guys.
    Foggy I’ve just sent you through my 8-bit picks – heres hoping none are already taken!

  5. necronom says:

    Funniest. Episode. Ever. 🙂
    I’m on Foggy’s side on the “discussion”. He answered “sort of” to the “is it a sport” question, and mentioned Simon was missing a genre, not that sort-of a sport was the genre.
    More tangents in that one than a maths lesson at school! Excellent.

  6. den.aris says:

    Quality episode chaps. Good listening and jokes.

  7. Andy says:

    Great Ep guys, really made cracked me up.

    Oh and with foggy as exploding fist is sort of a sport lol

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