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Episode 45 – Who is Mr Sid?

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Its Friday and that can only mean the UK’s #1 Retro Gaming Podcast is back for another fun-packed episode. You hosts this week are the maker of Alan’s Bread, “Mr Glenn Atkinson” and RetroAsylum’s esteemed founder and main host, the one and the only “Mr Andy Godoy”.

We have a super-duper, jam-packed episode for all you lucky listeners today including:

  • What we been up to and what we’ve been playing
  • Site news announcements
  • Updates on the retro shows coming up, Play Expo, Revival and our very own Retromania event
  • A report back from the latest Essex Car-boot challenge
  • Details of the upcoming RetroAsylum podcast bonanza, a week where we’ll be publishing a show everyday!
  • We announce the winner of our competition to win some amazing retro-inspired bead art
  • Reveal the two winners of the RetroAsylum auditions who will shortly join the podcast team

All that and more including: Music from the Past, Name that Chip Tune, Introducing Mr Sid, Top 5 c64 Games and the Name The Game.

Download the episode:
Episode 45 – Who is Mr Sid?

2 thoughts on “Episode 45 – Who is Mr Sid?

  1. scopie says:

    Superb podcast guys, top quality.
    Enjoyed the guess the sid tune part. Look forward to the week of retro.
    I did notice you played the wrong version of EFTPOTRM but to be honest I quite liked the 8-bit version so didn’t want to mention it lol.

    • Andy says:

      Glad you enjoyed it mate.
      I the the eftprm messed up I’m the previous Ep as i had both mp3a on my laptop and Iust have clicked the wrong one lol

      Sam did a great job to 🙂

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