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Episode 43 – Lucky 777’s

Retro Asylum Episode 43 - Lucky 777s

The UK’s #1 Retro Gaming podcast returns to its roots as Andy and Swainy take the helm.

The lads tell you about a fantastic set of bead sprite art that they’ll be giving away in a competition, which was kindly donated by ABeadsCStart. They then go on to report back on their latest adventure at the Retro Asylum £20 Essex car-boot challenge. Find our which of our community members went and what they managed to pick up.

Moving into the main part of the show is, the lads talk about their visit to a new retro arcade opening in Southend, “Lucky 777’s“.

All this and the usual retro gaming goodness in this week’s podcast.

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Download the episode:
Episode 43 – Lucky 777’s

10 thoughts on “Episode 43 – Lucky 777’s

  1. TEOL says:

    Another episode. Cool. But then again those ones I listened to were the last 2 weeks so I was catching up. lol.

  2. TEOL says:

    Donkey Kong did make it to the SNES but on pirate only called an A&S NES Hack.

  3. Andy says:

    I think the donkey kong game we meant was the Mario vs donkey kong, it was puzzler of sorts

  4. uniforix says:

    You mentioned Mayhem in Monsterland, just wanted to mention that there is a 15th Anniversary Edition to buy on the following URL, along with other C64 games by Psytronik:

  5. mrsid says:

    Loved the lucky 777s arcade interview guys. Something like that near me would be amazing! Really enjoyed this podcast

  6. glenn says:

    Good show guys good to see I can make you both smile lol its interesting talking about car boots as I pick up little sega mega drive with bult in 6 games for £1 I just said the the person how much is this she did not see what i had in my hand she say £1 LOL and Dean you did not say “NAME THE GAME” in your deep voice this time LOL Keep up good work guys

  7. scopie says:

    Great work guys. Very enjoyable to listen to. Your squeaky chair sounds like my old amiga disk drive!

  8. Damien says:

    Nice show guys, back to the old days of two lads having a chat, nowt wrong with that!

    Shame you didn’t like the C64, it has some cracking games, but to load them in with ease, a SD2IEC or similar really is a must though when you only pay £6 for the machine it’s quite a pricey add-on. I presume you got hold of the C64C with the 8580 SID. This does indeed produce quieter sampled sound due to a bug in the original chip being fixed in this revision. It is possible to mod the C64C to make it operate more like the original 6581.

    It’s harder to do a tape loading App for the C64 because the cassette interface is digital n ot analogue. The analogue to digital conversion happens inside the tape deck whereas on the Speccy and CPC the conversion takes place inside the machine and the tape input is analogue. This makes it much easier to couple up an IPhone / Android etc. to the Speccy or Amstrad via the analogue headphone jack. With the C64 you’d need an A/D converter too. Not sure how the Android app you mention does it, if it does it via the headphone jack the only was would be to somehow modulate a signal between 0 and 5v which would be way out of spec for a headphone socket my guess is that they’ve found another way….

    I have a C16, it was the low cost replacement of the VIC 20 selling for around $99. It had more colours than the C64 (121) but didn’t have any of the hardware assistance, so sprites were software as was any scrolling. Sound is a bit like an AY chip though worse, it certainly doesn’t measure up to the SID. It has two channels with four octaves and a white noise channel. Its real Achilles-heel was the 16KB of RAM (hence the C16 name). The Commodore Plus 4 is basically a C16 with 64Kb of RAM and four built in business applications (word processor, spreadsheet, database, and graphing). The C16 is still a nice little machine, and the games are good fun! The fact that it has so little memory means that games load extremely quickly but it’s no C64 but in fairness it was never intended to be.

    Swainy, sounds like you managed to fix your Vectrex – nice one :).

    • Dean Swain says:

      It’s not that I dislike the C64 (in fact I’ve just bought a breadbin model) but I do think that many of the games that I played back in the day played better on the Speccy. I’m enjoying it though!

      • Damien says:

        Totally get you there mate – I think games on the C64 generally tended to be more “arcady” whereas on the Speccy and CPC there were quite a lot more that were adventure based. The Z80 machines for example both had the majority of Ultimate’s releases, particularly the filmation series which the C64 didn’t receive due to the speed difference of the processor. Even Bobby Bearing which was released on the C64 is significantly slower than either the Speccy or CPC version (you can’t say that too often about the CPC version of a game!).

        Part of it I think is also nostalgia. I grew up with a CPC but had a good friend who had a C64 and later added a C64 to my collection. I was always amazed by the C64’s hardware capabilities, which stood out more to me due to my complete inexperience of 8-bit consoles. However, there are some CPC games that still hold a very special place in my heart (most like The Great Escape etc were actually Spectrum conversions) and I think if I hadn’t been exposed to the C64 so early on I would probably have a similar opinion to you.

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