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Episode 42 1/2 – Hoolicool

ep42hlafcoverWelcome back to another episode of the UK’s # 1 Retro Gaming Podcast the Retro Asylum Podcast.

This weeks episode is another must listen to audition and this time taking the hot seat is Hoolicool aka Paul Davis.

So check out this amazing episode and find out about hoolicool goal to have an arcade experience at home and how his memories of the arcades fueled his ambition.

So join us along Paul’s Journey of retro gaming life as he recalls Pumping coins into the arcade and playing games such as Spy Hunter,Double Dragon and outrun.

The first computer that he owned the Dragon 32.
Also on this weeks episode,we have more info on

Retromania and much more retro gaming goodness.

Download the episode:
Episode 42 1/2 – Hoolicool

7 thoughts on “Episode 42 1/2 – Hoolicool

  1. uniforix says:

    Great audition mate! Really enjoyed listening. Where the heck had they hidden your Gameboy? 🙂

  2. soulstar says:

    Well done with the audition, enjoyed the listen. presentationally it was spot on. Not sure if I could play Tetris for a whole summer though haha.

  3. mrsid says:

    Really enjoyed your audition Hoolicool. Similar to you, I have a real love of football games and will check out the one you mentioned on the neo geo soon

    Great stuff

    • glenn says:

      Enjoy the podcast it must be cool to play playstation before everybody elce in the uk and your dad mut have played dragon 32 allot to RIP it lol enjoyed it

  4. Andy says:

    Sorry for the late reply, just been tied up with family stuff.

    But another great Ep, really enjoyed it.

  5. scopie says:

    The super side kick series on neo geo has some absolutely outstanding presentation. I would always have a quick go back in the day at the cinema before the film started.

  6. hoolicool says:

    Super Sidekicks 2 was the perfect arcade football game. I wish someone would come up something similar rather than being ‘simulation’ obsessed.

    Thanks for the positive comments guys, I could have gone one for hours!

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