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Episode 33.5 – Foggy’s Amiga Top Ten Of 88


Retro Asylum’s Foggy goes back in time to 1988, a time when the Commodore Amiga was still a new system with a bright gaming future ahead of it. Making the transition from the 8bit machines, what 1988 Amiga titles made an ever lasting impression on this weeks host?

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Download the episode:
Episode 33.5 – Foggy’s Amiga Top Ten Of 88

12 thoughts on “Episode 33.5 – Foggy’s Amiga Top Ten Of 88

  1. TEOL says:

    AMIGA games from the origin years sounds interesting.

  2. mrsid says:

    Fantastic cover art, really like it

  3. mrsid says:

    Really enjoyed this episode foggy. I had my amiga a little later than 88 so missed out on quite a few of the games you discussed. I did however remember fa 18 intetceptor. I recognised that amazing intro music as soon as I heard it! Battle chess is also one I played alot on my dads of at his work. Amazing game.

    Will defo check out that early point and click game as well

  4. Andy says:

    I got to agree with Mrsid, amazing cover dean…prob my fave one so far.

    Really enjoyed your top 10 Foggy, once again a lot if these games I’ve not played them but listening to you talk about them really made want to play them.
    (You kinda sound like a Jazz DJ lol)

  5. glenn says:

    good podcast foggy remember barbarians cool game on amiga but i liked st game aswell

  6. Mark Jones says:

    Great podcast Foggy. Here’s a few more I would have put in (I clearly have more of a passion for arcade style games:

    Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh – Super conversion with a mouse
    Captain Blood – Unique and beautifil
    Firepower – Great 2 player overhead shooter
    Sidewinder – One of the best overhead shoot’em ups on the Amiga
    Starglider 2 – Follow-up and refined version of the well known strategic shooter
    Virus – 3D graphics and great handling (if you can get used to it!)
    Xenon – Still great, even now
    XR-35 – Not a great game, but the parallax full-screen scrolling was stunning!

  7. scopie says:

    Really good listen. F18 is a real early Amiga classic and pretty iconic for the machine. Agree with the rocket ranger pick. Graphics and sound were stunning for the time. I only made it to the moon once or twice and both times the trip was short lived, the brutally difficult shooting stage was to much, and was the end for me.

  8. den.aris says:

    Looks like I’m playing FA18 tonight. One of the first games to make me really want an Amiga over the C64 and made me jealous of my brother with his A500.

    Battle Chess always wowed me graphically from Zzap’s review but never got around to playing it.

    Starglider 2 is a must but didn’t realise it was 88.

    One thing about Speedball was the use of a full PALscreen resolution (could have even been overscan from memory) whereas Speedball 2 went for 320 x 240 NTSC style and a big score panel so I always thought it lacked the ability to see enough of the arena. May have been done for technical reasons but I doubt it as it runs at 25fps so full PAL should’ve been easy.

    Great show mate.

  9. darren says:

    I can’t really comment much on the games, as I never had an Amiga, but I do remember having a blast on a similar early flight sim on the mega drive. Can’t remember what it was called but it was very immersive for the time and great fun!

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