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Episode 32 – YouTube & Retro Gaming


Welcome back to “The UK’s No 1 Retro Gaming Podcast”. After both having time off from podcasting duties, both Andy and Glenn are back and better than ever. In this episode the guy’s take a look back at the Sega Master System version of California Games and The New Zealand Story on the Nintendo Entertainment System plus loads more including features such as WTF, Hidden Gem & Let’s Play.

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Download the episode:
Episode 32 – YouTube & Retro Gaming

16 thoughts on “Episode 32 – YouTube & Retro Gaming

  1. Damien says:

    Fantastic show guys as always, great to have the two of you back – you have been missed!

    I was listening to this as I was modding Swainy’s Atari 7800 – then it was time to have a quick go on Choplifter, a rather challenging but addictive game. I may even let him have it back at some stage ;).

  2. Andy says:

    Glad you liked the show mate and thanks again for all your hard work

  3. Adam says:

    I can’t remember how old I was when I finished Dizzy TUCA, probably 9.

    I remember playing a demo of Ruff and Reddy on the Spectrum. I downloaded the full version of that game sometime ago, I got to the second level but never got round to beating it.

    I think I remember Ridge Racer, my brother always collected loads of car games on the PS1.

    I’ve played the New Zealand Story on Spectrum, C64 and the Arcade (via Taito Legends). I absolutely loved the music on the C64, even the music played whilst the game was loading. Brilliant game. 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning I’m sure Andrew will be delighted to hear it too. 🙂
    _ _

    • Andy says:

      I think the 1st time I played ruff and ready was the demo too and it really convinced me to buy the game.

      No problem about yolkfolk , it’s one of the best site ad community’s

  4. scopie says:

    Great podcast as usual guys and great to have you back! Californian games is one of the most impressive games ever written of the old C64 – truly great. The lynx version actually looks quite different Andy, and even has sprite scaling effects! I think one or more events got cut out though? can’t remember which one. Were they all included in the SMS version?

  5. scopie says:

    Ridge racer on ps1 was close but not a perfect conversion. The framerate and resolution wasnt quite as good but i guess you could argue it was close enough. Ridge racer 4 did come with a bonus disc however that featured a full 60fps version of ridge racer and even ran in hi res mode. Unfortunately because of this the race cars were missing and I think you can only race one lap. Ho-hum.

  6. TEOL says:

    Finally arcade emulation is coming back on the scene on the IPhone.

    IOS is crowned king of the phone arcade emulation scene again after losing it’s crown to the MAME4Droid but for how long?

  7. glenn says:

    good editing andy skiype was messing us around that day lol enjoyed the podcast love the bit on youtube discusion

  8. TEOL says:

    I laughed at the comment about GameCube/GamesCube.

    I loved that one that was just like what I said a few years ago of people in the UK starting to americanise the UK NES calling it the N.E.S. just like in the US now when we used to say it our UK way.

    If it was the N.E.S. there would be full stops in between the letters. lol.

    I found that comment funny just because of my own NES/N.E.S. sayings opinion.

    Anyway I really enjoyed this weeks. The shear amount of different subjects covered in the one show this week makes it one of our best weeks ever for the poddy keep up the good work.

    Can’t wait for the half episode as it’s normally something like the best of in game music, a wars episode or underated and overated systems and games with Top numbers and I like those.

    • Andy says:

      Glad you enjoyed the Ep mate, we try and cover as many subject in a show its kind like a CVG back in the day different sections something for everyone

      It is interesting because normally I say NES and not N.E.S

      Im looking forward to this fridays Ep as the half shows really mix it up and I got a feeling this ones going be something specail

  9. den.aris says:

    Enjoyable show chaps. Glenn seems to have gained more confidence since his sabbatical.

    Andy’s spot on. It doesn’t matter what you’re emulating on, iOS, Android, Mac or PC, the very fact we can do this on the move now is amazing when you consider 20 years ago arcade machines were the thing of dreams.

    Agreed with TEOL on the amount of subjects covered.

    • TEOL says:

      I think it’s cool now that IOS is finally allowing emulation again even if it is a bit dogey the way they did it.

      Next they need to port over Sonic as a game for IOS but it’s really an IOS Fusion emulator or Mario and it’s really a NES & SNES emulators depending on the bit version you download for IPad.

      Even better a port of Jet Set Willy that doubles up as a Spectrum all models and formats emulator.

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