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Epic mickey 2 3DS sequel to castle of illusions

Epic mickey  Рthe power of 2 is to be a sequel to the 1990 sega master system game Castle of Illusions, the ps3, wii and 360 versions are to be completley different games and just the 3ds version that is to be a direct sequel to castle of Illusions.The game will be a 2d side scroller like the original castle of illusions game and is to incorpirate the abilities of the 3ds by using the stylus as a way to help with the game by building bridges and other things to help mickey in his adventure. Castle of illusions was a great game and for it to have a sequel after all this time and in its original 2d side scrolling way is great, more details on the game will be avaliable in the coming months before its release later this year. If you was a fan of the original game then I strongly reccomend you check out epic mickey Рthe power of 2.

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