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Episode 85 – Sam & Paul’s Top 5 Footy Games


Welcome to episode 85 of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast! This week we have a 2 part episode for you. In the first part, Sam and Paul discuss their top 5 footy games and in the second part, theres some retro gaming chit chat from Foggy.

From Kick Off to Fifa, football games are not everyones cup of tea, but have played a massive part in video game history and also Sam and Paul’s personal gaming history. The guys catch up and then countdown their top 5 and say why they like them. There are honourable and dishonourable mentions and we also asked the community what their favourites were.

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Episode 85 – Sam & Paul’s Top 5 Footy Games

2 thoughts on “Episode 85 – Sam & Paul’s Top 5 Footy Games

  1. Foggy says:

    you missed out intellivision soccer !

  2. thedrisk says:

    Great podcast guys… glad you liked my gaming setup 🙂

    I am not really into Football games today, but I did get into Football Manager Kick Off 2 and Sensible Soccer. Probably being more into Kick Off 2 (I am like Paul, that was my first experience on the Amiga).

    My Top 5

    1. Kick Off 2

    2. Sensible Soccer (SWOS)

    3. Virtua Striker 3 (GC although the DCast of the series I have played more of)

    4. Football Manager

    5. Goal! by Dino Dini

    Foggy, I enjoyed your section as well. I agree about the PS4 and X-Box One stagnating in the differences…I am the same though, Virtual Reality will be the thing I am holding out for… It is an exciting time though with 343 main Halo 4 guy recently gone over to Occulus to do First Party software and John Carmack there already, serious money is being spent. The Sony VR is called Project Morpheus and is also looking amazing, with demos and the unit on display and looking great.

    I actually tried Occulus Dev Kit 1 at the Blackpool Expo and Jeff Minters game Minatour Rescue VR simply blew me away..I can’t express how intuitive it was to display all from head excited for VR. Soon we will all live in a VR world like Ready Player One by Ernest Cline lol (great book by the way if no one has read it).

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