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Episode 44 – Homebrew Heroes

RA_Ep_44_HomebrewHeroesThe UK’s #1 Retro Gaming Podcast is back..With your 2 geeky hosts Andy and Glenn.

The lads tell you about what they have been upto.

Essex £20 carboot sale challenge

The Auditions

A Beads C Start prize

the new retro magazine Homebrew heroes

The Retro Hunter talks about carboot sales

Name the Game and name that chip tune

All that plus loads more

Download the episode:
Episode 44 – Homebrew Heroes

11 thoughts on “Episode 44 – Homebrew Heroes

  1. Dean Swain says:

    A great episode guys, kept me entertained all Saturday afternoon!

  2. mrsid says:

    Yeah totally agree with Swainy. This was my favourite episode for a while. Really enjoyed listening to Ally’s section. Great stuff!

    • Andy says:

      I think this Ep worked really well and it was also greatly helped by the retro hunter himself.

      You should have seen the man in action at the boot sale, he spotted things that everyone else’s missed.

  3. soulstar says:

    Cool show guys. Still listening to Ally’s bit now but wanted to add to the bit about doing a Northern retro pickup challenge. It would be cool Glenn as I’d be more likely to make it to something up here.

    • Andy says:

      If you guys can sort something out that would be amazing as its a great day out.

      We have a laugh talk about retro games and the best thing is spotting a bargain.

  4. uniforix says:

    I’ll get in touch with Glenn see what we can do about a north/south car-boot. Doubt any of us will do any better then RetroHunter though LOL

  5. mrsid says:

    And I will have to arrange a South West one if there are any Retromaniacs down this way

  6. glenn says:

    good editing andy as my computer was kicking up fuss lol Liked Ally’s section I cannot believe how much he got his super nintendo games for £2 for good super nintendo games thats fantastic

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