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“Dragons Lair” documentary on its way soon!

One of the most ground breaking and graphically amazing looking games from the past “Dragons Lair” is having a documentary released very soon.

So if you want to find out about this stunning game which featured the amazing art from Don Bluth stay tuned as this documentary will tell it all with some interviews with all the people that worked on it back in the day!

In the mean time check out the trailer

7 thoughts on ““Dragons Lair” documentary on its way soon!

  1. malc1976 says:

    Ive got the Dvd rom of Dragons Lair and it has lots of interveiws and extras with Don Bluth and Rick Dyer Creators of Dragon’s Lair,i also have Space Ace Dragon’s Lair 2 and 3 Space Pirates and Mad Dog Mcree i brought theam from the £1 shop afew years back.

  2. TEOL says:

    Don’t they make Blu-Rays of these quicktime games as well in HD now for use in shop brought BRP’s and PS3’s?

  3. pottyboy says:

    Dragon’s Lair is one game that I know I shouldn’t like but I do. It’s frustrating and only just about playable, but it’s the gorgeous animation and totally daft humour that keeps me coming back for more.

    For me the first conversion of the game that was close to the original Laserdisc version was the Amiga, but even that wasn’t arcade perfect as some parts of the game were missing (although an expansion called Escape From Singe’s Castle was later released which featured some of the missing levels). It’s still quite an amazing achievement though, and an impressive showcase for the Amiga.

    • Andy says:

      i think what amazes me about Dragons lair, is the animation by Don Bluth, it has aged fantastic.

      i remember seeing this when i was a kid and thinking WOW!

      it might not play as good as i remember it but i think it pioneered the quick time events that many game use to this day.

      ive seen the amiga version on youtube, looks good, but im sure it had loads of disks(not a bad thing)

      im sure this also came out on the gameboy colour too?

  4. deadlygroove says:

    For some reason I have always loved Dragon’s Lair. I recently bought Dragon’s Lair 3D for the original X-Box and I really like that game. It’s a lot of fun to play.

  5. lorfarius says:

    Going to pick this up, really reminds me of the Get Lamp type documentaries.

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