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Double Dragon: Neon now available on Steam


Double Dragon: Neon is now available for Windows PC via Steam for £6.99.

The world’s most iconic arcade brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee are back in Double Dragon: Neon. When Marian is kidnapped by the evil forces of the Shadow Warriors gang, the brothers set out to win her back and take down their chief nemesis Skullmageddon. You can expect all of the classic Double Dragon action and in addition, players have a dedicated evade button that makes it just a little easier to avoid enemy attacks. When timed perfectly, evading an attack can boost offensive strength for a short time for some devastating results. In local and online co-op players can ‘high-five’ to share health, ‘psych’ up their comrades for special moves and revive their fallen partner. As the duo beats their way through five beautifully rendered environments, they’ll come across soda to restore health, key items, and mix-tapes scattered throughout each level. The tapes have unique abilities, and you can equip two tapes at once to create some killer combinations. In addition, tapes also stack allowing players to customise and intensify the effects of each cassette.

Out now on Steam for PC.

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