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Dizzy is back! and next week shall be Dizzy Week!

One of the greatest hero’s of the 8bit generation is back, Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk!

Dizzy was last seen over 20 years ago in on one of his last offical game Crystal Kingdom Dizzy.

The little eggy one has not been forgotten, as he still as popular as ever with loads of fan made games which are equally as good as the originals which can be found at which is the best Dizzy site out there!

But many people have always wanted a official game,

a chance to see the The Oliver Twins and Codemasters band together and bring back Dizzy, this nearly happened a few years ago when the 3d trailer came out but unfortunately due to licensing a agreement could not be made so nothing came from the demo trailer.

So for years thing were quiet until this year which saw a sneaky trailer hinting that someone was going to make a return, that someone was going to dust of his red boxing gloves and yesterday it was finally announced that Dizzy will return on the 09/12/11

The game will Prince of the Yolkfolk, it will be available on android and on the iPhone, the game itself is a remake of the classic 8bit and 16bit game but has been given a beautiful lick of paint and is all hi res’ed up.

My theroy is that they have releasedd this game as Prince of the yolkfolk is a short game compared to the others and easier to pick up and play and if that game sells well then im sure we will see the rest of the series following and then maybe we might see the long awaited Wonder Land Dizzy?

So to celebrate this monumental event, we here at the Retro Asylum will be having Dizzy week from next week Monday, we will be doing Podcasts,videos + much more in celebration of the true hero of 8bit gaming

Long live the Prince of the yolk Dizzy!

4 thoughts on “Dizzy is back! and next week shall be Dizzy Week!

  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for the news post, Andy. B)

    We at are over the moon with this big news!

    I’ll also pass on the news on the forums about Dizzy week when it arrives. 🙂

  2. Andy says:

    No problem mate.
    During Dizzy week we are going to mention quite a bit:)

  3. yolkfolkcom says:

    Eggcellent news! I back Adam up when I say that will support Dizzy Week as much as we can :).

  4. Andy says:

    Dizzy week should be loads of fun.
    Loads of videos,podcasts and dizzy music.

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