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Diet Go Go! – Not by Weight Watchers

Get a game that says diet then destroy your enemies by blowing them up the size of a house and you got one of the biggest contradictions in gaming history…welcome everyone to the strange world of Diet Go Go form Data East

3 thoughts on “Diet Go Go! – Not by Weight Watchers

  1. Diet Go.. Go… but…? What the…? Ehhh…?

  2. ZXSpecstar says:

    Yea that is exactly what i was thinking, but its still a fun game

  3. Andy says:

    Intresting vid mate, I love bubble bobble ,snow bros ,rodlands and this game looks equally as good.

    I’ve never seen or played this before and I sure will give it a go.

    One thing though matey Diet doesn’t just mean trying to loose weight, it means the food that one consumes,
    Like My diet used to consist of redbull and takeaway food, but now my diet is a healthier diet such a steamed veg.

    They really should have based this game on those weirdos called feeders who like to make fat birds even fatter, now that would have been some intresting sprites 🙂

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