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Deus Ex Machina 2: Kickstarter announced


The first multimedia video game that was ever made is reborn, narrated by Christopher Lee.

Deus Ex Machina 2 is the reimagination of the classic 1984 Game Of The Year, Deus Ex Machina. Written by Mel Croucher, creator of the original game, the darkly comic game is a cradle-to-grave roller-coaster of an entire life, with unflinching graphics from the moment sperm meets egg to the agonising indignities of senile dementia, by way of child abuse, embarrassing zits, and war crimes,

Christopher Lee’s narration ranges from chilling to deeply moving as he takes over the role played by “Doctor Who” Jon Pertwee in the original version. And the late lamented Ian Dury has been remastered for a “live” reprise of his original role, including his kick in the teeth duet against video games that encourage greed and violence.

First time round, Deus Ex Machina was an interactive movie and a rock music album. This time round, Deus Ex Machina 2 is set to make a little bit of gaming history all over again. Pre-release versions for the PC and Mac have been completed and have been translated from English into 18 languages.

For more information, see the trailer below and visit the Kickstarter page.



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