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D-Pad Hero – NES

Rhythm action on the 8bit NES minus the guitar!

This is a modern fan made game for the NES and its a pretty good one too, based on the Guitar Hero this 8bit Nes Rhythm action game is really good, instead of using the guitar you use the control pad, its all about hitting the a or b buttons at the right time and also using the d’pad to move in the directions that the little arrows appear on the screen.

Now it may not be on of the best looking game on the Nes but it sounds fantastic. You get to choose from 4 8bit sound tracks ranging from Micheal Jackson,Daft punk,Aha and GNR and they all sound amazing. Its a fun gaming to play and the best thing about this game its free!

you can find this game at If you have played this game or interested in it please feel free to comment on it.

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