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Composer announced for Elite: Dangerous

It has been announced today that independent composer Erasmus Talbot is scoring the music to the space epic Elite: Dangerous.

After an extensive selection process, Erasmus Talbot – a British born composer and sound designer based in Sweden, was chosen to compose the music.

Jim Croft, Frontier’s Head of Audio, said,  “We’re very excited to have Erasmus and his team on board and believe that together we can realise an inspiring and truly memorable musical soundscape for Elite: Dangerous.”

Erasmus Talbot added, “ Working on Elite:  Dangerous is simply a dream come true. As a composer there could be nothing more exciting and fun than writing sweeping themes, vast exploration music and energetic battle cues for an epic sci-fi game. And while it will be fun to study and reference my favourite scores, I feel the drive that is simply part of Elite’s legacy to defy convention, push the boundaries and try something new.”

One thought on “Composer announced for Elite: Dangerous

  1. uniforix says:

    This looks awesome, wish i had backed the KS now. Come a long way from the monochrome white vector outlines of the Electron (And it was an impressive feat on that!)

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