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Cobra – C64 Review

stallonecobraReleased in 1986 Cobra is a movie licence by Ocean. It was coded by Zach Townsend who later went on to do the excellent Batman The Movie. The game itself is a sideways scrolling shooter/platformer. You play Cobra (Sylvester Stallone) and have to do something really generic like kill all the bad guys and rescue someone (I think). When you lose energy, your hamburger (energy bar) decreases. You start with no weapons which is ridiculously hard and collect them as you go on. I would tell you more about the rest of the game but don’t think I have ever made it off the first level. Id would be amazed if anyone had ever got past the first level actually.

The loading screen is amazing and I loved this back in the day. Stallone looks really badass in his shades and gun with laser sight. All good so far… The actual in game graphics are OK. Pretty detailed and colourful. Just what you would expect from Ocean.

This is where Cobra really fails. I recently played this and could only last about 10 seconds before I died. The funny thing is though, I can’t remember it being like this when I played it back in the day. The movement of the bad guys is terrible. They literally fly into the screen giving you no hance to dodge them. There is little to no animation on them either, very poor. Overall the game is verging on unplayable and very frustrating.

AMAZING tune by Ben Dalglish.
Really sets the scene for the game and gives it real atmosphere. One of my faves.

Overall I absolutely loved this game back in the day and would play it for hours. Now, I die after 10 seconds and lose cobrascoreinterest. Maybe it was because I had more time to practice when I was younger.mrsid

It seems to me like the developer ran out of time because it really is a poor use of a licence. It could have been so much better and ruined by very lazy programming.

At least Mr Townsend redeemed himself a few years later with Batman.

Great theme tune though…

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  1. TEOL says:

    Good written magazine style review. May want to make a written reviews section for the site though because having a written review in news is confusing for me to get around. 😀

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