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Chuck’s Challenge 3D coming to NVIDIA Project SHIELD



After more than a 20-year absence, Chuck Sommerville – the game designer behind Chip’s Challenge – is making a new puzzle game for new portable gaming device; Project SHIELD. The game is due to be released as a launch title for the new handheld.

Based on the 2D version available now on iOS, this new version is in full 3D.

Chuck’s Challenge 3D is a puzzle game that takes you through the evolution of gaming: move from A to B, collect items, the red key opens the red door, and much more. But, like Lego, knowing what each piece does is only the beginning of the fun, as you can also create and share your own levels using a simple paint-style interface and seamless cloud storage.

“Over the last couple of years we’ve been creating a 3D puzzle game based on my original design and over two decades of player feedback,” Chuck Sommerville said. “Chuck’s Challenge 3D is nearly ready to be released, first for the Project SHIELD, taking advantage of both NVIDIA Tegra 4 and the controller.”



One thought on “Chuck’s Challenge 3D coming to NVIDIA Project SHIELD

  1. TEOL says:

    When I think of a Chuck in a videogame I think of a caveman.

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