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Chuckie Egg Remake for the Android / HTML5 / Windows

Screen ShotOne of the best platfomers ever gets gets remade by Rob Edwards, he has made this game available for the Android / HTML5  and Windows.

The original classic which came out on numerous 8bit systems in 1983 was programmed by Nigel Alderton.

The game saw Hen House Harry running around platforms climbing ladders collecting the eggs, while at the same time avoiding the chickens/ostriches and competing against the clock

This remake plays different on the different formats its available on, such as the android  since you can use the tilt function to control your character, while the browser version uses the good old Q,A,O,P and space keys.

Edwards has done a fantastic job in recapturing the magic of the original classic, while adding his own flare of polish to the game.

So why not head on over and try it out for yourself.

One thought on “Chuckie Egg Remake for the Android / HTML5 / Windows

  1. TEOL says:

    I downloaded this on the PC the other week. Pretty good.

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