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Chrono Trigger arriving on the iPhone!

The classic RPG Chrono Trigger is making it way to iPhone and iPod Touch next month!

The game by Square Enix which appeared on the SNES has been updated for iOS to support touch screen controls,but apart from that the game remain largely preserved.

In-game text is available in multiple languages such as Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian and of course English.

Chrono Trigger is still classed as one of the the greatest RPG’s ever with its amazing story and superb music so what better way to re experience or play for the 1st time this legendary title.




6 thoughts on “Chrono Trigger arriving on the iPhone!

  1. TEOL says:

    Do you like this game or is it not your thing. Is it action or proper RPG?

  2. ZXSpecstar says:

    Nice to have a original version and i do believe they are also doing this for the android. How ever it is a bit behind as androids have had emulator support for snes for god knows how long so a lot of owners are going to say why bother buying this but for someone like me i would purchase it to keep supporting Square Enix. and one of the best sides to this game was the sheer amount of ways it can end gurantee a replay to do it that little bit different

  3. Andy says:

    I dont think I’ve played it more than about 30mind lol

    If I had played it back in the day when I was a youngster i would have played it right to the end:)
    Getting it on the iPhone might be the perfect way to play it as I can play on the way to work or lunch breaks:)


  4. TEOL says:

    I wish Chrono Trigger 2 did come out in a full version. I think there was a Beta available for it and it looked like it could have bettered the first one if completed as it looked like it was going to be action rather than turn based.

    Sadly since it was a beta all you could do is shoot the second player to death over and over as it was a multiplayer mode only beta of it but that would have made an awesome game as whats better than shooting a rival in a death match style RPG Action game.

  5. pottyboy says:

    I remember playing this on an emulator a few years back. Actually got quite into it although I was far from finishing it. Great little RPG.

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