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Chase H.Q.

Today’s 8-bit war is the classic arcade game by Taito. Which 8-bit home computer port is the best, The ZX Spectrum, Amstrad or the C-64?

Chase HQ was one of my favourite arcade games as a kid back in the good old days. The reason why I liked this game so much was because it was a racer with a difference; it wasn’t just a standard racer that went from check point to check point. Chase HQ added a interesting story where you play a cop who has to track down a number of baddies by racing along as fast you can down a road and catching up and then smashing the baddies car.

With a simple story and simple change in gameplay by changing the get to the check point to catch the baddie, really breathed a new energy to the standard racer. The game also had that 80’s cop TV style look and feel about it, so this game grabbed me from the moment I saw it and first played it.

As always with arcade game back in the day, I just couldn’t wait for it to appear on the 8-bit home computers; it was always interesting to see how they could convert a arcade machine to the 8-bit systems.

To find out who the winner of today’s 8-bit war, please watch the video and please feel free to comment.

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