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Charlie Brooker: Videogames Changed the World


Charlie Brooker: Videogames Changed the World, is a documentary coming to Channel 4 at 9pm on Saturday 30th November

Looks like a must for all retro gamers. Here is a description of what the show will cover:

From Pong to Grand Theft Auto, Charlie Brooker delves into the history of videogames and pulls out a selection of its most significant titles.

From Atari to Angry Birds, How Videogames Changed the World explores how interactive entertainment evolved from a penny arcade diversion into a medium that some believe is art, and shows how it is changing the way we work, communicate and, of course, play.

Joined by Jonathan Ross, Dara O’Briain and gaming legends like Will Wright and John Romero, Brooker looks at how videogames have become the most progressive art form of the last 40 years.

This humorous and insightful tour will surprise and entertain the uninitiated and dedicated gamers alike.

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  1. uniforix says:

    Look forward to watching this ­čÖé

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