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Castlevania ZX Spectrum

firstscreencastleCastlevania on the ZX Spectrum!!!. you heard it right, some clever Russian programmers have managed to make this amazing demo of Castlevania 2 on the Speccy.

As Demos go, this one is really impressive, The graphics are just like the 8bit NES game but minus the colour, but game play is there and it controls fantastic, but where this game really excels is in the music department, it really has to be heard to be believed.

But the best thing is that this demo will eventually come out as a full game in April!!

3 thoughts on “Castlevania ZX Spectrum

  1. TEOL says:

    Fantastic to see you back Andy. The once a month or couple a month thing just makes it extra special when you do come out with a video mate I approve the return of your videos.

  2. Andy says:

    Glad you enjoyed the video mate, got a few more planned

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