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Kiss Kill – a Spectrum music video

Matt Westcott has made this amazing music video for band Candy Says for their song ‘Kiss Kill’. The entire video was coded on an actual Spectrum with the “live” footage streaming through the Speccy from an SD card! The final video was recorded from a Spectrum emulator for maximum quality.

Matt says: “I’ve been working with lo-fi-chic-pop-velvet-underground-meets-abba-who-comes-up-with-these-descriptions-anyway band Candy Says to create a Spectrum music video for their latest song, Kiss Kill. Naturally, I wasn’t going to take the easy option of throwing together some fake loading stripes and attribute clash in After Effects, so everything you see here runs on a real 128K Speccy + DivIDE. Half of it is streamed video from the DivIDE – the other half is good old-fashioned Z80 code”.

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