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C64: A Visual Commpendium – Launch Video

Commodore 64: a visual commpendium is a book that celebrates the beauty of the greatest home computer ever made.

A campaign to create this book will launch as a Kickstarter on 01/04/14.

Created by lifelong Commodore 64 fan, Graphic Designer and Retro Asylum team member Sam Dyer (MrSid), the final book will feature 200+ pages of lovlingly designed and beautifully printed artwork. Unlike other Commodore 64 books, it will celebrate the visual side of the computer in a way that has never been seen before.

It will be packed full of artwork by Oliver Frey, game art, reviews, loading screens, game maps and photography. The foreword will be written by legendary Sensible Software Graphic Artist Stoo Cambridge.

More info to follow but in the meantime check out the promo video and please share!

Follow Sam on Twitter: @mrsidc64

5 thoughts on “C64: A Visual Commpendium – Launch Video

  1. thedrisk says:

    looks good MrSid.. will you be adding any box art as well as the game screen shots?

    • mrsid says:

      I hope so. It’s got to be tip top resolution so what I’ll probably do is get them scanned properly. Any in particular you’d like to aee?

      • thedrisk says:

        I was more of a Spectrum boy.. but assuming the box art was the same, then definitely some of Bob Wakerlin’s Ocean Box Art so Wizball, Batman the Caped Crusader, New Zealand Story, Rainbow Islands etc.. but he did soo many good ones that you could probably fill a book just with his art work.. From a selfish point of view I would love to see the US Gold Outrun box art. Turrican 1 and especially 2 is a must.. Crackdown is interesting artwork I always think. Some of EA published games like Bards Tale, Archon 2 and Adventure Construction Kit are pretty stunning… oh and my inner teenager wants me to mention Barbarian by palace box art ha ha.

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