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Bombermine! – BomberMan MMO Style!!

bombermineartFor all you retro gaming fans that loved playing multi player Bomberman back in day, then check this out “Bombermine

If you thought that you had played with loads of player on Bomberman before you haven’t seen nothing yet, as this game allows you to play online with up to 999 other players MMO style!!

The game has severs through out the world, so you can have US Servers, or UK servers, its so easily to set up, the best thing is you can even set up a posse of friends, my gamer tag is “retroasylumandy”

I’m thinking the Retro Asylum team and community should have a go and maybe make it a gaming night  of it at some point.

The most amazing thing about this game is that it was made in HTML5… very impressive indeed!!

So if you arefan of the game or just curious about this MMO style bomberman then click on the line

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