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Bomb Munchies on the ZX Spectrum

Check out this amazing Bomberman clone for the ZX Spectrum! Download here.


Quick and easy rules of the game
Run around, drop a bomb, try and eliminate other players, grab a sheild or food bits for added protection. Bonus pickups for extra bombs and abilities. Your chance to win.

Game setup
Bomb Munchies can support up to 4 human players, you will need a friend to play against as there is no computer controlled players.

Player 1: Keyboard and Kempston IN55 *

Player 2: Sinclair 2

Player 3: Kempston IN31 **

Player 4: Sinclair 1

Game Type
Single Game – play one game, one winner or a draw. First To Three – play many games, first player to win 3 games wins the match – this  type of game may take a long time to win especially if the game keeps ending in a draw. Please provide your own drinks and party snacks.

Any player can be switched off for the game, but make sure that you have atleast 2 players  on/keyboard/joystick otherwise it will be a very short game. If you wish to test the game, then keep atleast 3 players on.

Game play
Each player starts in their own corner of the screen and you must blast the brick walls to escape and get to the other players. When a wall is destroyed it might drop a prize. These range from extra bomb, extra/reduced blast power, walk on walls/bombs, blast shield, poison bottle (instant death), dizzy water (reverse controls), primed bomb (watch out for a nasty blast), extra time and nice yummy edible sheild boosts.

There is a time limit for each game, when the lower bar reaches the red zone then the solid walls will transform into brick walls, but be careful because crush blocks will appear and cause instant death to any player that is caught. When the time limit runs out then the game is over – winner or drawn game.

Keys you might need 
ENTER – pause / quit game – this will quit to the menu and will clear any ‘First To Three’ games, so make sure that all players agree before quitting the game.

P – will instantly return to the menu (this is for testing purposes)
I – will instantly return to BASIC (this is for testing purposes)

* Kempston IN55 is a custom made interface.
** If you don’t have a Kempston Interface IN31 attached then make sure that the keyboard option is selected or select off.

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