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Bomb Jack on the Spectrum



Bomb Jack was one of the best arcade games that got a home conversion that kind of went down well on all systems…

….well maybe except the Atari ST and their awful mouse control on it…and boy did it suck hard and make the game near on unplayable a shame really but being the total spectrum fanboy¬† I reviewed the spectrum version of Bomb Jack and its god awful sequel Bomb Jack 2.

8 thoughts on “Bomb Jack on the Spectrum

  1. TEOL says:

    The SG-1000 version may look a bit blocky but I feel it’s the best one out there in gameplay.

  2. pottyboy says:

    The Spectrum version of the first game is really good, but one thing you forgot to mention was the sound. Despite having no music, the sound effects were really great considering only the beeper is used.

    Totally agree with Bombjack II though. Utter pants. The name didn’t even make sense in that one.

  3. Kamil says:

    Very good reviews, i agree with what you said, why called game Bomb Jack 2, if there is no bombs, i remmeber i used to play Bomb Jack 2 few times, but, i hated when enemies were placed in small platform, it was literally a russian roulete, you win, or enemy.

    • ZXSpecstar says:

      Yes this randomness got on my nerves and when thy morphed into jack clones yea it seemed that there they had no clue on what they were doing or not played the first one

  4. Andy says:

    Gotta love bombjack and the Speccy version is by far the best 8bif home computer version. Superb game.
    The sequel does indeed suck big time!

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